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This oven is so pretty that when you unpack it, you'll probably just want to stare at it for a while. The heat distribution is near perfect. There are Dutch ovens more than twice the price of this that don't achieve as good results. And the lid has little points extending down on the inside that force internal vapors to condense and drip back down, thereby being "auto-basting".

Nat Russo

The Segretto Dutch Oven has been a pleasure to cook with. I love that the company also included silicone handle pot holders. The enamel coating makes this pot easy to clean, and it also helps to distribute the heat evenly. I'm not the greatest cook at all, but having quality cookware like this pot makes even my cooking taste better. I know this pot will last a lifetime.

Heidi Austin

I believe that a good Dutch oven is one of those cooking tools every kitchen should have. I'm really happy with this pot. It's a beautiful color and it's affordable but really good quality. It also came with two silicone pot holders. I've been enjoying using this pot. It can hold heat very well which makes it a good pot to cook beef, ribs, chicken, pasta or soup.


The Segretto Cookware Dutch oven is quite large and also quite heavy, which tells you about its good quality. It's also easy to clean, well-made, and with great heat distribution. I love using this for my stews and anything that needs to be cooked on low heat for long periods of time. It's a great piece for the kitchen, and it looks just fine sitting on top of my stove.


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